New Website!

My friend, Linda Tellier, is helping me get a new site up and running. New season, new studio, new website... The changes are feeling good, and the art is flowing again. I can't wait to see what appears on the canvas this week! 

Paint Night! Autumn Paths

Can't thank this great group enough for coming out to the first Paint Night in the new studio space. It was a lot of fun. Didn't everyone's painting come out great? I love that the same scene takes on a whole different vibe with each artist's touch. Always a treat to see it all come together. Looking forward to November's Paint Night! 

Flames of Hope

Always wanted to come to the Flames of Hope Waterfire in Providence. Never seen waterfire!! Of course the one for breast cancer is emotional for me. Friends of mine found out I've never been, so now I am here!!!! Feeling a bit emotional!!!!! 

I became a puddle when the survivors walked out and formed a ring of flame around the basin. THEN, ballerinas danced holding the flame of hope, I was a mess!!! Then we went to GREGGS where my friends ordered a flame of hope cake without my knowledge!! The waitresses came walking out with that and it had one candle and the breast cancer ribbon on a pink cake. It said "in honor of you Claire"!! Yep cried again!! THEN the waitress came over and said that someone in the restaurant anonymously paid for the cake!!!!!!!!!!!! Jeeeeeeeeeeeez, What a night!!!!!!!!!! Feeling very blessed!!!!

New Painting... "2017"

This has become quite an emotional piece for me. 3 canvases 16x20 each. My heart has been so heavy with all the weather and wildfires in this country that I've titled this 2017. The eagle feeding her young will survive as she is the symbol in my mind for us. Tried to capture it all and hope I did!!

Anniversary Roses

I just finished this painting as an anniversary present for some very dear friends. Orange is the wife's favorite color, so these are specially made for her. Looking forward to a wonderful evening and gifting the painting to them.